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An Angel Intuitive Reading Service
Copyright 2012 by | Website hosted by Crazy Domains | Created by Lee-Anne Peters
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I record ALL information passed to me for you. I need to clarify though - no matter what is in the reading, unless you are prepared to make life changes then the reading will be just that - a reading. If however, you are prepared to make the suggested changes (and spirit never asks that which you cannot do) then you will notice wonderful shifts in your life. My readings are performed via email mostly due to my worldwide clientele.
These readings are as accurate as if you were sitting across the room in front of me. This is due to the direct connection of your angels with mine. I will not read for anyone but the person having the reading as I need permission to do so. I will not violate a human's free will at any time.
My readings are delivered via MP3 recording on a USB to your mailbox.
No matter what though  - it is important to stand in your own power, to listen to your own inner voice and to trust your own guidance and instinct. Our highest good will never steer us in the wrong direction.  It is when we ignore our own self that we become lost and disillusioned. I look forward to connecting with you all very soon. Angel love, light and blessings x x x x  Janette
Welcome to Myztic Realm.
I am so excited to be bringing this website to you.
I have had so many people contact me and ask about a website so I thought the timing was right to introduce one.
My name is Janette Harman and I conduct my readings and healings in many ways. Whenever I do a reading, it is not as simple as just looking at a few tarot or oracle cards. I sit and meditate prior to each reading and then I call upon my energies and guides and my animal totems.
Once they are by my side, I give them your name and ask that they immediately contact with your higher self, spirit guides and guardians and I go from there.
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Take a deep breath and ask in your Spiritual Teachers to step forward and help you choose the perfect card that you require in this moment. When you are ready, trust your first impulses and click on the card! Please note; these healing cards can ignite change in your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Cards changed once a month.
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